Hello World!

Welcome to Cr0w’s Place,

My name is Cr0wTom (ok my nickname) and I am hobbyist penetration tester, or if you like it better a computer “hacker”. Many misunderstanding often happens around the hacker designation, so lets get into it. Hacker is a guy or a girl that can think “out of the box”. That can manage to find unorthodox ways to bypass a problem. And of course the same thing is applicable to the science of IT. Computer Hacking is the unorthodox way of thinking in bypassing the security measurements of computer systems.

Now a little more about me. I have worked for magazines like deltaHacker and PenTest Mag, and I am the founder of Cr0w’s Place, that you can find free pentesting video tutorials, hacking news and my opinion in many topics. I have participated in many hacker cups, like Facebook Hacker Cup and Firefox Hacker Cup, with a pretty good marking. I also love Android ecosystem, and it is my main way of research.

In the other side of my life, I study Supply Chaim Management for my Bachelor degree, and I hope to start my masters degree in a year or two, in the field of IT. Also, I am Greek Champion for 2013 in 4×400 relay in track and field, with many more discriminations. Finally, I love music, and I play the guitar and the saxophone in the Filarmonic Orchestra of Ampelokipoi.

More or less these was about me and my website. I would like to hear your opinion, or any preferences you have for future videos. Fell free to contact me, and when I find time I will contact you too. 😉


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