My Road to TROOPERS Scholarship – Part 2

Hello Everyone,

Last week I talked to you about my scholarship adventures for TROOPERS conference and how I applied to it. So now it is time to see what the response was from the TROOPERS side, to us, the students that successfully acquired a scholarship for the event.

Immediatelly after my “motivation letter” email, I got a reply, that said:

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for writing us and for your interest in TROOPERS! We will be in touch later this year.

{name of representative goes here}

With this, I understood that until the end of 2016, I must have a response with the results of my application, but that was not the case. The whole December and January passed without any email from them, and no response to my emails, asking for an update on the results. Luckily, in the 8th of February, and once I had the scholarship idea let go, I received an email from them with the following message:

Dear all,

thank you very much for your interest in TROOPERS and your motivational
letters. We are stoked to let you know that your letter convinced us and
you are hereby INVITED to the amazing experience of participating in the
TROOPERS main conference and the NGI [1] event. The invitation means
that you can register yourself for participation without any fees for
those two events using the Booking Code

{booking code goes here}

Please use the regular registration form. Besides the participation in
the conference, the NGI event, and the shared dinner Wednesday night,
everything else is on you (in particular your travel organization [2]).

We’re looking forward to you being at TROOPERS! I’d also love to use the
opportunity and get to know you in person. If you are also interested in
that, I will hang out at the Student Information Desk on Thursday, 13:00
over lunch.

Have a great time & stay tuned,
{name of representative goes here}


At first, when I saw the summary of the email on my Android device, I was sure that it was an automated response which rejected me from the selection. But I was wrong and as you can see the email concerned the opposite. Of course, I was a bit let down because of the automated email (in BlackHat Europe it was a personalized one, with personalized support fot each student) but this is just a minor thing, in the whole case.


I am now in the phase that I have my tickets and accommodation booked, and I will attend the Next Generation Internet event, the Conference and the Roundtables, in 20-24th of March in Heidelberg, Germany. I will be really happy to meet any of you, that will also attend the event, talk and hangout in the breaks, or after the scheduled hours. Feel free to contact me! I will be happy to meet you all!


P.S. I want to attend the PacketWars event(22nd March @ TROOPERS), but I don’t have a team. If you have a team and you are interested in including me, please contact me. 🙂



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