CTF team recruitment!

Hello everyone,

As you already know, I have started to be more active these last years in the field of security. I am not just an enthusiast, but I work and study for this field. The purpose of this post isn’t to present you my resume, but to start something new.

All these years I work alone. I write, test, and learn alone. I have also, compete in some CTFs alone, with random teams, from forums and Reddit. But I want to end this now. I want to create a team, and start to compete, wherever it is possible, develop-learn-share knowledge together, and start something new, that will offer not only to us, but hopefully to everyone.

I don’t know the name, I don’t know how many people we will be, but I want people with passion for the Security sector. Passion for computer hacking, developing, programming, penetration testing etc. I don’t want the guy that studies I.T. and goes to work just to live. Let’s create something extraordinary!

I will be happy to hear and speak with you. I am based in Greece, but I don’t thing that I want to restrict it here, so everyone is welcome. Feel free to ask me anything in any of the contact ways that you may find in this blog.



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