BadUSB – HID Attack (HD)

In this tutorial for Cr0w’s Place we examine the BadUSB vulnerability, and we exploit a vulnerable flash drive to work as a HID device, and perform keystroke attacks.

BadUSB is a vulnerability in the microcontroller chip of every USB device, that let us reprogram the original firmware with a patched one, that makes a device type to be presented in the victim as an other type.

Purchase link
Supported Devices
Note: If you buy a confirmed device, you might not end up with one with the PS2251-03, as manufacturers seem that many times use different controllers even with same device models.
Files used
Original code link
Rubber Ducky payloads
Rubber Ducky skripting language

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3 thoughts on “BadUSB – HID Attack (HD)”

  1. Very nice article indeed. Just would like to know whether you have physically short the pins for boot mode. ref:- PinsToShortUponPlugInForBootMode.jpg

  2. Here is my Phison 2303 (2251-03)
    everything went smoothly and sent PAYLOAD TO FIRMWARE and its worked well

    When plug back the USB to the computer it wont recognize the drive but I can see the USB in the device manager I’m not sure what went wrong

    Please help

    Volume: D:
    Controller: Phison 2303 (2251-03)
    Possible Memory Chip(s):
    Toshiba TH58TEG8DDJBASC
    Toshiba TH58TEG8DDJBA8C
    Toshiba TH58TEG8CDJBA8C
    Toshiba TH58TEG7DDJBA4C
    Toshiba TH58TEG7DDJBAMC
    Toshiba TH58TEG7CDJBA4C
    Memory Type: MLC
    Flash ID: 98DE9493 76D7
    Chip F/W: 05.01.10
    Firmware Date: 2015-07-15
    ID_BLK Ver.:
    MP Ver.: MPALL v5.1.0B
    VID: 13FE
    PID: 5200
    Manufacturer: UFD 3.0
    Product: Silicon Power32G
    Query Vendor ID: UFD 3.0
    Query Product ID: Silicon Power32G
    Query Product Revision: PMAP
    Physical Disk Capacity: 31641829376 Bytes
    Windows Disk Capacity: 31634063360 Bytes
    Internal Tags: 2Q6P-S74J
    File System: FAT32
    USB Version: 3.00 in 2.00 port
    Declared Power: 300 mA
    ContMeas ID: 3CFE-08-00
    Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 x64 Build 7601

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