Custom Made WiFi Pineapple Mark 4 – AP121U Flashing

In this tutorial for Cr0w’s Place we are going to be introduced in the WiFi Pineapple world and then we are going to try and make our own cheap WiFi Pineapple with only 40 euros. So say hello to our little new friend and let’s get started ūüėČ

WiFi Pineapple is basicaly a Wireless Pen-Test Drop Box, or else¬†a wifi penetration testing device that exploits the “Karma” vulnerability that most of present wifi enabled devices have.

Karma:Most wireless devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones have network software that automatically connects to access points they remember. This convenient feature is what gets you online without effort when you turn on your computer at home, the office, coffee shops or airports you frequent. Simply put, when your computer turns on, the wireless radio sends out probe requests. These requests say “Is such-and-such wireless network around?” The WiFi Pineapple Mark IV, powered by Jasager — German for “The Yes Man” — replies to these requests to say “Sure, I’m such-and-such wireless access point – let’s get you online!”


The WiFi Pineapple firmware is a heavily modified version of OpenWRT, packed with tools to aid your pen testing such as Aircrack-NG, MDK3, SSLStrip, Reaver and many more. The firmware also packs the ‘Tile’ WebUI with 1.0.0+ that serves as a PHP-Based front end for your pineapple.



Here you can find any file that I used in this tutorial and that you are going to need.

You can buy the Alfa AP121U that I used from here. Disclaimer: Do NOT buy the AP121 that don’t have a USB port, buy the AP121U with the USB port or else you will not be able to succeed in this tutorial.

You can buy the USB 2.0 to TTL UART that I used from here.

You can find every command I used in the video, in the correct order, in this file.


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Thank You For Watching.:)

 Cr0w Tom


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