Wordlist Generation with Crunch – Kali Linux

In this tutorial for Cr0w’s Place we are going to see how to generate a wordlist / dictionary file in Kali Linux. To create our wordlist, we are going to use a program called Crunch, which is a fully automated script for this job. We are going to generate all possible pin passwords with 4 number digits. This can help us in future tutorials if we want to crack devices that uses 4 digit pin as a security method.

Usage: crunch (min-length) (max-length) (charset) -o (wordlist.lst)

4 Digit Wordlist Command: crunch 4 4 0123456789 -o /root/Desktop/pin.lst

If you plan to generate a large wordlist, you can use the following command to create multiple files: crunch (min-length) (max-length) (charset) -o START -c (words per file)

Chosen Pattern Wordlist Usage: crunch (min-length) (max-length) (charset) -t (pattern) -o (wordlist.lst)

e.g. crunch 4 4 0123456789 -t 9@@9 -o /root/Desktop/pin2.lst

Crunch program comes pre-installed in Kali Linux. If you are using an other distribution you can find the latest source code here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/crunch-wordlist/files/crunch-wordlist/

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Thank You For Watching.:)

Cr0w Tom


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